Monday, May 31, 2004 »
my grandma feeling very scared right now..i dunno..this is different..shes very nice to me and i just dun wan anything bad to happen to her..i really dun wan..feels like crying now..theres this perplexity inside of me..i wan to call someone but i dunnoe who to call..or if i call the person..wad should i sae?

my grandpa is out in singapore now..he got high blood mum dunno if she should break the news to him just so confused..haiz..

gonna pray for them..
10:16 pm;

can u believe that i'm going to teach taekwando to my juniors..whom i dun even know on friday?! haha and they r going to pay me for it! ahah i dun even hav instructor's certificate man..this is going to be so fun hahahaa

oh yeah..did i mention that i cant stretch very well? haha body too stiff le lar! lOLz..wad can i do man! havta devise something so that i wont malu myself manz..haha this is hard..argh!

I'm so NOT going to throw my face..yeah man..God help me!
8:57 pm;

oh am i going to pass my JCT?! haha totally unprepared for it..arghz..screw lar! gonna fail badly! haha den they will force me to drop one subject..

anyone wanna help me in my lit? -winkz- lolz...
8:44 pm;

was scrolling down my msn today and saw quite a few of my secondary school frens having blogs..haha..and dozens of thots raced through my head.

their blogs remind me of the person I am 2 years ago. When I just started out blogging and letting people read about my "fabulous" life. looked at all their nicks coupled with their addresses..reminds me of myself when I wanted to show off my life and my feelings to others but now..things had changed. I dun wan to reveal my life to people I know..the awkward feel that wad u sae about that particular person will always linger inside your heart..did u bring justice to that person or not? or are you merely licking their boots. nahz..I dun wan others to know..thats why I hav a new blog now! haha no more diaryland and caleida.. the time will come when they know that its not that good to let people u noe read about ur life and personal feelings..haha u tend to write only the gd stuffs and leave the bad ones inside ur personal chest of wads the use of having a blog when its so commercialised?

left church at 11 last nite..haha got choir! Oh man..cant wait for emergeconference 2004 to start! its going to be such a life changing experience man! wheEeee~ my first emerge! yaY! hahahaa got a preview of wads its going to be fun! hahaah shall not disclose the details right now..haha but i assure ya its going to be awesome!
6:38 pm;

Friday, May 28, 2004 »
today I got a special calling from God..

kinda cool right? i was sitting on the bus today and was just peering out of the windows..know wad i saw? People..people going on about their daily lives.. doing routinely stuffs..going home..going to school..going to work..on top of that..I see people without a purpose in their lives, bonded by the world..i see unbelievers waiting to be reunited with God.

Deep in my heart, God saes "Look..max..these are the people whom havent come back to me yet..enslaved by the world..go..go and spread the Gospel.. go and touch their lives..for I said to you that you should go and make disciples of all the nations teaching them to command all things that I've commanded you to and I am with you always even to the ends of the age."

"But how am I going to do it?" I asked God.

"Start with your school, I'm going to rise you up to be the worship leader of your school, worship Me with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength, draw the students into My presence. Fill their hearts with My peace. All things are possible to him who believes and to God, all things are possible. Believe" God replies.

well, thats how everything goes lar..haha but i cant really sing very well. But I guess if God wants me to do this I cant stop Him right. I'm going to use this as a platform to reach out to the lost and to build faith in the believers..

God use me I pray..let my passion for You burn strongly..stronger than before..let it be a consuming fire that burns deeply within my soul..a love so deep for You..Lord here I am, send me!

Frens, seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything shall be added on unto you, keep on believing yeah?
9:17 pm;

Wednesday, May 26, 2004 »
i wanna watch movies!

1) Troy
2) Van Helsing (is that how u spell it?)
3) Confessions of a teenage drama queen
4) Shrek 2
5) Harry Potter 3
6) The day after tomorrow

anyone wanna watch it with me?! ^_^
maybe i should them..hmmm..then can help me save money..hohoho
ackz..who cares!
i wanna go watch Mahler's Symphony of a Thousand..haiz..dunno if can get the tix..later i buy the super cheap ones..den cannot hear anything how? going maD!
5:55 pm;

Tuesday, May 25, 2004 »
sometimes i just feel like giving this post up..wads the good of it? working with different individuals who dont care about you at all and the funny thing is that we are suppose to be a team? building relationships within the house? talk about building relationships within ourselves first..

i'd laugh if i faint tomorrow

if i die, its their fault. but nvm. I'd forgive them.

the more i think of it..the more i feel like leaving the post..woah..tok about all the free time manz..but they are already short of people! and u nid a public apology man..if i thickened my skin and continue it..haha..i wont feel happy at all..its an obligation.

if my fever gets worse tomorrow, I'd go home

if my headache gets worse tomorrow, I'd go home

but i dun even wan to go school in this state! and i dunno wad im typing..ahhh crap
9:27 pm;

heres a cruel joke

"hello max..tml usher must meet 7 am under lecture theatre 1" -leader
"huh? but im sick lehx.." -max
"u MUST be there. EVEN if you are SICK" -leader
"hurh..but i got fever 38.8 degrees lehx how u expect me to go?" -max
"just be there!" -leader
"fine.." -max hangs up phone with the other person rambling on

and she didnt even ask how i am?! man..i hate this..i hate this..why are there such work orientated people in the world that forget about other people's feelings? to think i noe her for around 3 years..c'mon lor..ur own member sick and u likdat sae..


life still goes on
9:23 pm;

chinese medicine worked wonders man! ...just came back from acupuncture..first time..nearly mum didnt even ask me if i wan it though the doctor keep saying its alright den my mum keep hinting if acupuncture works..wahz im so mad at her..growl..

5 interesting facts about this vist of mine!
1) theres alot of needles! -> freaky!
2) the thermometer gave different readings every time ->errmmm so wads my temperature?
3) the medicine is horrible! worse than the pink colour fever medicine given by western doc -> bleAhz! do i even hav to sae how it taste like?
4) no slp during e nite! -> every 5 hours must eat that horrible medicine..and im a light slper!
5) they produce mc! -> now am i sua ku or wad?! i didnt noe they produce mc!

blahz..on top of all actually works..! haha miracle man! now my fever is like...still there? haha but the temperature dropped quite a bit..from 38.8 - 37.4
6:52 pm;

im at home..sitting in front of the computer..basically..doing..nothing!

theres nothing for me to do! im dying of boredom!

still at 38 degrees..oh man..i feel so..unhealthy (which i am)

1:59 pm;

my fever's back the middle of the nite..yeah thats why cant slp now lorz..haiz.. feeling very whole body is emitting heat..growl!

got headache the whole day..quite was during around 9+pm that it started getting worse..and i felt want to faint like that was so painful that i cried..teared actually..zzzzzzzz..hahaha the whole head is throbbing with pain! haizzz

somehow..i feel that i cannot mix along well in class any longer..dunno..the usual clique of ppl that im comfortable with started saying sacarstic remarks to me..haha..but in a kind way..just felt the distance lar..its been likdat for a few this fren (whom i knew for around 9 years) started giving me the shitty look and remarks and we practically cant tok 1 to 1 any longer! casual conversation is a no-no..hahaha..forget it manz

it goes like this
"oh we going to have another channel outing in june..dunno you FREE anot" -fren
"oh..really? yup..should be kan =D" - me
"ohz..really ar?" - fren

it just sounded unfriendly to me..hahaz..aiyah forget it use getting worked up over this..guess i havta move on! got other frens wadz..hahaha..i can survive! =DD

just hope that we can be back where we were last time..haha..nvm..can always pray about it!

headache getting worse..going


3:26 am;

Monday, May 24, 2004 »
ehhhhhhh i noe my frens are concern with my attendence..but i cant help it..really sick! haiz..hope they really understand..hope my teacher understands..

guess i took too much things upon my shoulders..i think i havta drop some load off my back..sooner or later..havta meet the 90% attendence so stressed!

why jc life so different from the rest? haizzzzzz.....

i havta manage my time well!

cannot be latE!
12:02 am;

Sunday, May 23, 2004 »
going to study after church later! hahaha tml got econs test and i haven done anything other than sleeping! dying! hahaha oh no oh no! >_<

im going broke soon..luckily still got that heh heh...can study at coffeebean! if i can find one..loLz...zzzzzzzzz

zone out!
8:36 am;

Saturday, May 22, 2004 »
I feel so faint!!!!!

must be the prata i ate! no wonder sam scolded me.."sick still eat prata!" haha but nothing to eat le wad..somemore i hungry..sobx sobx..heh heh

saw theresa, my primary school mate, on the bus stop just now. haha. she soundeD (and looked) as crappy as ever~ wonder if she will ever grow up..but ppl go vjc..not bad siaz..zai kia! haha but her skirt looks white...hmmmmmmm new jc uniform? loLz

off to dinner~ zooOM!
9:46 pm;

arrrrrrrrrrrr cannot see the new layout! why why why?!?!?!!
9:59 am;

going to school for choir practice! hahaha got college day ar..and as a student and member of choir..havta fulfil my its an obligation! i got sore throat so im gonna be on stage opening my mouth and fake all i can! LoLz

the layout nice?
9:40 am;

Friday, May 21, 2004 »
I'm sick for the past two days. fever! and my throat sores like mad! dying dying dying! =*( been missing out alot on school work!

i think i got a habit of coming late for school! oh nO! hahaha i better change man..its getting from baddddddddddddddd to wooooooooorsssssseeeeeeeeeeeee..haha and econs is boring!! seriously!~ i dunno anything about market structure except the four terms perfect competition, monopolistic competition, monopoly and........i forgot the last one..haha dun care..loLz got a test on monday..arghhhhhh hELP!!!!!!!!!!!

eating. computer hogging. playstation playing. singing. sleeping.
all i did today.. ahah! think becoming quite a pig..oinkz

( (..) ) booo`!

11:46 pm;

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