Tuesday, June 29, 2004 »
hahaha its half the battle fought..wheEee~
left maths..urgh..hate it..oh yeah..got econs too
did i mention that i'm going to drop lit?
wahzzz i tell u arrr..the guy who supposedly liked me in the first three months..yes lar GUY!! from my school somemore..he come up to tok to me lor! den giv me that se mimi de eyes..haha but overall he was ok lar..he did not try to hug me again or play with my fingers.. -rolls eyes- haha did invite him for cell group and service..and he came!..but didnt know that he will like me and make a confession to me..am i that so unresistable? haha maybe i am siaz..anywayz..yeah lar..heard he broke up with his gf..that got nothing to do with me! Pls! hes quite ok..i hope..hahaha..
History today was basically a rush for time..haha didnt have time to finish up my essay..haha but..aiyah..I lift all these up to God larz..iots only 10% of my promos..shouldnt be a problem..I hope..
Found My SourcE! hahah so happy!~ the song is super anointed!
going to mug my maths now..haiz..
6:05 pm;

im totally stressed out right now...

my g.p and my lit died on me yesterday..

my history going to die today

my maths....fail le lar..

God help me..


very depressing...

3:39 am;

Friday, June 25, 2004 »
I got two free tix to the Gen-y concert tonight! hahaha $148!!

Praise the Lord!!! Wow!

I'm so blessed! LoLz!
5:00 pm;

cEll Group Growing! Spent time with melissa and jennfier today..heh..very productive studying and eating..

Cut my hair!

very cool now

Melissa rededicated her life to the Lord! haha i just popped the question to her when she was playing the guitar..she was about to sae no..somehow..she changed her mind and took a big step of faith and said the prayer with me..felt God moved in her..Shes going to be radical for God..yeAhz..She is..

Fel..Come back Quick! heh..

I wan to grow spiritually more!

i wan to bring more frens to ChrIst! The love of God!
12:33 am;

Wednesday, June 23, 2004 »
my freN's dog just called me! hahahaa so cooL!

jennifer dog so smart one..know how to call cute ppl..muahAHaAHaha
2:44 pm;

Sunday, June 20, 2004 »
haha never update for the past two days!


haha too tired to blog le lar! haha getting not enough sleep!

Wahz..I forgot the hand up my money to pay for the project work...its past the deadline..im two weeks past the deadline and if i never hadn up the money i cant take the exam..and i'd..retain? I only noticed it yesterday! wahz..i tell u..i was so shocked and mad and scared at myself loR! cannot take it ar..prayed and prayed about it..den this afternoon after service..my mother said the school called me and ask me to go down tml to pay the money! Wahz..Praise the Lord! haha..prayers are really answered!

God is gonna bless me!! yUpz!

I want to live a breakthrough life every single day!

Pastor Kong and Jolene is back!!! Miss them loads!

Jennifer's frens are really awesome manz..so open..and Melissa is joining us for cell group and service le! YaY! Shes sliding back to God! Praise the Lord..God is moving in the cell group maN! FElicia when u come back..we r going to multiply! hahaha YESYESYES!!

Had a great time fellowshipping with Moses on friday..he shared with me his life..his experiences..and how God moved in his life..its wonderful man I tell u..I luv such quality fellowship..its when u get to learn from the other person and vice versa.

I still haven study much yet..haizzz
8:38 pm;

Friday, June 18, 2004 »
u noe wad..i find out that the people in singapore are getting weirder and weirder..have no idea why!

was studying in jurong east library (e new one) with ruru leticia and my brother den hor..got people just walk up to us and take our stuffs and examine one! so spastic! den we gave them the eye..weird lar..ppl just walk past and look at us!

this is not the zoo man! i came there to study!

well..didnt study much anyway..so..

tonight burn midnight oil again le lar



1:07 am;

Thursday, June 17, 2004 »
u noe..i never mentioned that my grand uncle passed away a few days ago..

felt weird that another relative passed away..

my grandfather passed away around 1 year ago..

really very weird lar

i dun like people dying..

esp my family members..

just felt weird lar

very very weird

anyway..I dun exactly felt sad..cuz i dunno him well..haha..haiz

I hate cremations and funerals and people dying

My family is going to have eternal life with me!
12:19 am;

Wednesday, June 16, 2004 »
suddenly just feels like saying this..

I luv my cell group! I lurve E310!! I love u guys!!
10:43 pm;

U noe..I've always wanted to go London School Of Economics and Political Science..

It had always been my dream..

The finance it requires..the distance had always been an issue for me..but i thot..once u hav the dream..u can always work towards it..

Saw someone got into LSE..suddenly my mood just went down lar..got no idea why..partly its becuz i noe..i just know that maybe i wont be able to go into LSE after all..

I jus wan to study there..

Maybe NUS is not a bad choice either..but..u noe..it just doesnt feel right

I dun wan to leave my church either..i dun wan to leave my cell group..my frens..my family..but i wan a chance to see the world..to be independent..I've been holed up too long..

U noe wad..

Im ready to fly

Ah well...who cares..God..I'd follow whereever You brings me..I stand on Your promises..

Goals in life:

1) Get a S paper
2) Get a scholarship
3) Get into LSE
4) Get into bible school
5) Become a full time missionary

yup..so far..thats about all lar..haha cant think of much..LoLz
12:59 pm;

I posted 7 posts on tuesday alone! haha wads wrong with me manz.. >_< Im such a talkative guy..

haha i dun feel like teaching taekwondo anymore! haha nid time for myself..my life..and my studies..been handling so many stuffs..i felt so stretched! haizzzzz..its high time i drop a thing or two! high time..yeaHZ~ Wooottttss

Things in my life :

1) Sports Captain of Alpha House of Temasek Junior College..Gonna plan some intra house games
2) Team leader of Cell group E310
3) Taekwondo Instructor of Anglican high school Ncc
4) Choir in church
5) Choir in School..upcoming performances..loads
6) Student with exams coming right up of Temasek Junior College
7) Being a fren..tough work u noe
8) True Worshipper and Lover of God..I'm soo not going to drop this..I luv God! I luv Jesus! I luv You Holy Spirit!
9) Being and knowing myself..kinda ironic right?
10) Being a good son in the family..felt bad..never spend much time with my family..
11) Being a good brother to my brother! hahaa..I'm treating him better and better le ok!
12) Looking...?

haha..guess everyone got secrets in their life that they wont tell others..maybe selected few? craPz..haHA lUckiLy I hav 1 true best fren in my life and thats Jesus! How my life will crumble if I had not known You..

My memories are just flashing across my mind as I typed this..haha just suddenly felt nostalgic..how my life had been falling apart..me seeking..trying to find love in the chaotic world..trying to hold on to something..someone substantial..trying to blend in into the world..haha..

That was the old max..seeking..finding..losing..

Im really lost for words right now..theres this tight knot in my heart..waiting to expose wad my inner feelings are right now..but i cant seem to put it to words..and im not going to even bother to try..forget about it man..haha

Just suddenly feel like worshipping God right now..Being lost in His great love..
12:30 am;

Tuesday, June 15, 2004 »
I hate the spirit of worldliness! I hate the spirit of anti-christ! I hate the devil! I hate it!

Do you think that u can control the minds of my frens using worldy books and tell them Jesus dun exist and that He is married to mary magdelene..all becuase of 1 story book! well u are wrong u pig devil! Satan I'm not going to let you get away with it..I'm going to win my frens over..u r not going to grab hold of them..! Dun think ur little fantasy can win people to ur side..God will not let u get away with this..! Dun think u can brainwash the people with the puny book..! I'm going to win my frens over..I'd show u how!

Da vinci code is actually a story book..how can people believe it!?
6:07 pm;

oh maN! i got so much to study!!! ArGHzZzzZzzzzzzZZzzZZ~!
Feels like worshipping God right now!
Love Him so much....!
1:32 pm;

Dun doubt! God loves u..alot alot!

got 1 msn fren sounded so sad with his nick..saying no one loves him..but he guessed God loves him..

theres no nid to guess..God really loves you..

"He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds." Psalms 147:3

God is here to comfort u.. =)
10:41 am;

When you dun tell us whats happening in your life..dun sae we didnt care for u
when you dun open yourself up to us..dun sae we didnt show concern
when you dun step out of your pride..dun sae we didnt love you
when you close yourself up..dun sae u dun hav frens
when you dun answer our calls..reply our smses when we go to the extend of going to ur house..we've done all we could..
when you keep doing all these..we'd pray for u..but we would rather spend our time on others who needs us
we gave u time..God gave u time..its ur decision now..
1:01 am;

fellie's layout so nicE!
i wan 1 for guys one!
got anot?
12:47 am;

alex wasnt mad at me! >_<
cheat my feelings! hehe
12:38 am;

Sunday really was a great event for me!
Pastor Christian from Word of Life church came and gave a Word for the season..!
Missions! and Full time ministry! man..was it powerful!
I went for service 4 and 5!
though it was the same message..but they touched me nevertheless..
During the end of the service..Pastor called out for those who felt the calling to go into full time ministry..i felt the Holy Spirit tugging at me to go down and answer the altar call..I was crying a river..THe presence of God really came upon me strongly..I was shaking as I walked down the aisle..it was awesome..it really confirmed what God has been trying to tell me the past week..! God's plan and purpose for me!
Pastor laid hands on me..was still shaking after a while..haha..really felt the joy of the Lord upon me.. =>

So hyped up even now!
12:33 am;

Saturday, June 12, 2004 »
Yesterday..God touched my life in a very special way..I felt myself going to another spiritual level..wE were having a prayer meeting before the outing and I felt..God ministering to me in a different way..His presence came like a flood and a rushing wind..caught hold of me and I was lost in His love..

Basically..MOses told me I reached beyond the superficial line that time and he felt God came specially for me and that the prayer meeting for him and huiru wasnt entirely good..he said God's presence was there because of me..I never told him anything about it..It was actually right in the middle of the nite after we worshipped God together that he told me that..

Huiru this morning told me the same thing..she felt the prayer meeting wasnt very good but she also mentioned that it was very good for me cuz she felt I reached beyond the superficial line that time..

The whole movie homely gathering was great with a few new frens..tok to them..and hoped they come back next time! haha I'd pray and pray and pray and pray fervently! After that was an evaluation time and this is the first time we've done that and I felt it was quite good with the members sharing ideas with one another and working on the ideas..and commented wads good and bad in the outing and sharing their experiences..To me..I felt the whole outing was above average..it was wad suited the cell group..members cooked..members mixed around with the new frens..it was pretty great..

After that we watched 28 days later which freaked me out! I was a pretty timid boi mind you! haha esp when it comes to ghost shows and gideon was scaring me every other time with his ghostly face! SO horrible! and I havta sleep with him on the bed during the nite! how horrible and u can imagine the stuffs he did to me lar! >_<

It was worship time..we were just singing worship songs to the Lord together and God's presence just fall upon each and everyone of us and Moses under the prompting of the Holy Spirit minstered to most of us and it was truly awesome! everything fell in place so naturally and flowed so smoothly..It was during that time dat the Word of God spoke to me..Moses ministered out to me "Max..God loves your fervancy (how u spell) for Him..Jesus is looking down and smiling from heaven and saying - Son, I looked into your life..Dun worry" .. Its wad exactly I wanted to hear..problems affecting my life that I told God in my quiet time and telling Him about it..I knew my prayers are going to be answered..one of the prayers turned out to be spiritual breakthrough..

After that..Moses spoke to me personally..He told me to keep my fervancy and to use my ability to pull down God's presence to the fullest and to keep having that power to do so and in order for me to do that..I must first position my life properly..and he confirmed wad I felt during the prayer meeting then by saying all those.. God is indeed changing my life..I know everything is in good hands then..

We went to eat supper down the street and Gideon did stupid things again..we were crossing the road when he told us to walked like zombies and turning to the taxi drivers and waved like a ghost..it was hilarious! we cant take it soon after that! hahaa..i mean gideon is a man of God but when it comes to such stuffs..haha its so funny! haha he tried to scare me by acting like those zombies and keep running to catch me..hao ke pa!

Went back to Briony's house and huiru was still hyperactive so the three sisters she briony and yanling went to the living room to watch anger management and the brothers literally went to briony's bedroom and fall aslp there..after some brotherly fellowship..It was one of those few intimate moments we shared together..

The next morning which is today was a diasater! haha me and briony was late! I was late for schoool for a nkf show choir audition and I never went in the end and briony was late for JAMs church..haha so farnie! only moses woke up at 6! haha after only 2 hours of slp while the rest woke up at 9!

Great day..haha after that went to orchard to watch confessions of a teenage drama queen with huiru and yanling and went shopping hahaa..i missed half the show cuz i was late! haha den went studying in bishan..den went home slp..and now here i am! haah

this might be my longest entry ever..haha

I love God!
I love Father!
I love Jesus!
I love Holy Spirit!

Happy father's day tml!
9:08 pm;

Thursday, June 10, 2004 »
God..wads wrong with the things in my life..

haizz..Lord..if it is Your plan..den let Your will be done..

I'm just so tired..

I made a good brother in Christ of mine angry with me..he hasnt replied since..and it was a misunderstanding..tml havta face him..haiz..

i gotta change my temper! Lord change me!!!!! i dun wan to have impatience inside my heart..

haizz...Tml will be a better day! aMeN!
11:19 pm;

My dear bROtheR ALex Is STIll Mad at me! haizz....... felt so ashamed of myself!

brIony Called today..haha long time never chat to her on e phone.. which reminds me..i better go call the cell group people..haha catch up with their lives and everything

about my life..im still studying...studied all day..with some games playing..hahaa bored..
10:29 pm;

Wednesday, June 09, 2004 »
today went to meiqi chalet haha..most of the people i dunno one..oh well..maybe i only noe alex and meiqi and thats all! haha really cannot click with them..felt so outcasted and quite malu then..i felt as if the people were giving me the "wads this guy doing here..i dun even noe him!" haha..they dun even know my name..haiz..nvm..was there for meiqi..primary objective..

was wondering round downtown east cuz i was too bored and alex was nowwhere to be found..saw weiwen siying and joyce..they were eating! haha they even studied before that! haiz..and me? haven studied much..felt so shi bai..haiz..i think i better buck up tonight..

think alex is very mad at me..felt guilty and bad too..he had to sit there all alone while the three of us played pool..he wanted to play too! haiz..i should hav played pool with him..in the end he went home lar..he looked and sounded quite mad with me..didnt concentrate on the games after that..just felt super bad..cuz the three girls dun like to mix around with my cell group..they already gave me the weird weird look..haiz..at first thot alex wanted to go home so i asked him come over to take his MD..never thot he thot that i asked him to come over and join us..haiz..

wad to do now?

haiz...dunno lehx..felt very bad..haiz..

Sorry aleX!
10:50 pm;

Tuesday, June 08, 2004 »
toDAY is a PretTY UnPRoductive dAY! haha didnt study much at all at the airport..was busy playing around larz...zzzzzzzzzz...diE! time is running out!

harry potter is bad

bad show

dun watch it

not up to expectations
11:22 pm;

Monday, June 07, 2004 »
MamA quick come baCK! haha now i noe how hard and tiring it is to do the hosuework..been doing it for the past week! so sick of it le man! mama i promise i will help u do some of it when u come bacK! Lighten ur WorkLoAD! seeeeeee........ im so sensible! MuahaHaHAahahahaHa

sick of maggi mee and noodles for breakfast lunch dinner and supper..i nid something nutritious..growl..! Im still a growing..(BOI)! yaY MaN!
8:07 pm;

Sunday, June 06, 2004 »
FOP?! wads that? Festival of praise lar! alamaKz haha..tell u arr..hillsongs was there! it wwas so cooL! haha today the outing witht he cell group was great maN! Huiru sand baptized me..haha wahzzz her anointing was so great man! she didnt even touch me just put her hand over my forehead and i just fell under the weight of the Glory or God! it was awesome! haha i think i fell so seh..too natural le..wahahahaHahaa im a great...faller!

just felt that God is moving in my heart..in my life..so greatly..like never before..spiritual breakthrough! He is a God that answers prayer! Just prayed for my fren..and He showed me a word to minister out to him! and it was just a random selection from the bible and I just tell God that.."God..i pray that You give me a word to edify Your children of God and the first verse I turn to and look..it will be that verse and so be it as You will!" and truly God showed me a powerful versE! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

haven study for my common test yet..argh..how?! so dead..God help me! Give me divine wisdom! haah but..I must work towards it also lar..heh heh..=p
9:13 pm;

Friday, June 04, 2004 »
have you ever wondered why 14 yr olds are so hard to teach!? they hav short attention span! was teaching taekwando to my secondary school juniors and they started drifting off in 5 mins! manz..i cant believe I took up that job..haha a whole 3 hours of hell...for them. =p LoLz

long time didnt stretch..being the slacker that I was..haha so i just went around directing ppl..loLz doing my duty mahz..hahaha nearly cant wake up today lorz..havta take a cab down..waste my money..hope they pay me well..loLz!

yeah..so tired..think will go sleep soon!

Festival of Praise starts today at the singapore indoor stadium! should i go?! Hillsongs going lehx..hmmm....
1:58 pm;

Thursday, June 03, 2004 »
Promises shattered
Answers don't come
Friends say goodbye
Plans come undone
Dreams get crushed
Lies get told
Words can turn cruel
Hearts can grow cold

In a broken world where we cry to feel
Some hope that helps these hearts to heal
You're my strength, You're my refuge
In a broken world, Jesus I'm holding to You

You make sense of the madness
And You make darkness flee
You bring such a calm
To the chaos in me
Show me life
Tell me truth
Day after day I keep running to You

Long ago, we fell so far
Yet You came to where we are
11:05 am;

Emerge was greaT! the 5 sessions which I went to was awesome! hahaha i felt myself growing in the Lord alot alot! hahaha the Holy Spirit spoke into my heart and gave me a vision to work to! haha so cooL!

Lord! I gave You my all my everything! My life is in Your hands! I wan to serve You wholeheartedly!

Yup..I'm gonna run with the fire! To reach out to my friends! wHeEEEeeEE~

With God, all things are possible!

tonight got another session..last one le..better go early to queue up!

Saturday got outing! anyone wanna go?
10:59 am;

Tuesday, June 01, 2004 »
haha going to church now for the youth conference! haha so exciting man! loLz

EmerGe! the choir are meeting at 815 haha so..havta wake up super early..loLz~!
6:02 am;

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