Tuesday, September 14, 2004 »
im feeling super stressed right now
got maths
got lit
got econs test
got written report to do by wed
i nid a release from all these God!
Im just hugging everyone online
I feel so clamped inside now..
1:11 am;

Sunday, September 12, 2004 »
Long time didnt update le...busy with all kinds of stuffs.. haha but anyway i still remember this place right!

Watched "A cincerella Story" with jolene briony and jennifer yesterday..ya all girls! lolz..the story super nice! Makes me swoon over their love life..haha so romantic and so sweet. Its like..what i want lar..last time..haha although theres a part of me that still yearns for it..but then again, I know its not the right time for me yet. Someday, somehow, my own story will arrive and I know I'd make it through, this time. The show relaly reflects alot of things about love in reality. Do you really love the person without first looking at the all so stunning face? Or do you look at the heart? Do you let yourself gets control by people, by the world, or just be yourself? Really, the show is nice. The story line rox. Probably because I'm the SNAG kind of guy..heh.. ahh well..I'm glad I watched it. JEnnifer and Briony blessed my tix money too! woooHHhoooo~

Yeah, for now, I'd concentrate on God, studies and music. Love? Maybe when God tells me the time is right or maybe when I'm old enough to pursue it. The greatest love in the world is giving your life down to someone you loved very much. Thats what Jesus did for me. Thats why I love Him wholeheartedly.

Sad..cell group going to multiply soon..2 more weeks. All these months we've been through as a group together really brings the emotions up to my eyes. All these months, we perservered, we struggle together. Those who cant take the challenge went away. Those who are facing problems of their own left us. But still, there will always be a remnant, and we will still carry on. Bringing hope to the people around us. I'm so glad we have such ups and downs together. Truly, we E310 is a family. A new creation in Jesus Christ and spirit to spirit, we are one. I'd always remember the days when we come together and fast and pray as a group when we worshipped God together. The encouragements we give to one another, the outings we had, even eating at the hawker centres opposite church are such nice memories. I will always miss you guys. Keep on keeping on! Never stop believing ya?

Today was "Beautiful Sunday". Haha, I felt as if I've let the whole choir down. I didnt put in my best. Instead, my mind got paralysed once I'm on stage and I really cant think. The whole place is so packed and theres so many people. Lack of experience. I'm such a let down to them. Can see that Ms Tham really disappointed in me. I'm so sorry Ms Tham! I'm so sorry TJChoir! I'd do better next time! I'm so sorry..I really am. Haiz.. Was thinking about the whole performance on the way home..really felt grossed at myself. How could I do all the stupid mistakes? How could I? Rehearsals was alright..why cant I just do it? Why? Why? Why?

God..I want to do better next time..I want to give in my 100% I really want. I know I have the capacity to do it. I pray You help me O'Lord! I really want a breakthrough in my life..I really want..
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