Wednesday, October 06, 2004 »
Time draws near, the seconds ticked by
They stood in front, hands tucked behind
flashing smiles at us. Smiles so fake.
Reassuringly, they say all is well.

The clock strikes its hour
A flip of the page, time to start.
One look, everythings a blur. As
Truth unfolds, things became hell.

Stunned. Petrified.
The promises they made
turned swiftly into dust.
A loud bang in the silent place

The sound of dashed hopes.

Hands trembling, tears welling
A deep breath, a drumming of courage
as we struggle to pen down the words
that determines our very fate.

A frantic search. Regrets came
as we salvage the little things we've learnt.
Vows we make,
To learn from our dire state.

They walk up the aisle
Looking, Chidding.
Smiles curl in their lips,
to the victories won.

See I told You so.

lit was a disaster! maths was a killer!
10:31 pm;

saw this in a fren's blog

"Lord... make me an instrument of peace..
where there is hatred.. may i bring love...
where there is offence.. forgiveness..
where there is doubt... faith....
where there is desperation.. may i bring hope..
where there is sadness.. let me bring joy..allow me to console ... rather than be consoled....
to understand than to be understood..
to love rather than to be loved..
Because giving is receiving!
Because it is in forgiving that we are is in dying that we're born in eternal life..."

really Lord..I want so much of You in my heart yearns for Your Holy Spirit..I know Your love..I felt it personally..Lord I just want to spread the love to other my friends around me..use me Lord..
9:11 pm;

Tuesday, October 05, 2004 »
Jennifer got zombie spiritual attack. haha the devil getting lamer and lamer siaz! Lolz anyway i also got abit of the zombie influence lehx! no kidding! Cuz i watched resident evil den late at nite right..when i go out of my room..i always got the feeling that my bro or my family will turn into zombies and eat me up! so scarY! really send me the shivers! somemore is everytime after quiet time. oh manz..its all in the brain >_< -shiver- anyway..pray le hahaha go away u dumbo devil!

oh yeah..exams tml lE~ hahaha got the feeling that i didnt prepare much..haiz..nvm lar! if i retain den so be it! >_< I pray i wont lar..cuz i really got study..but then again..hahaha the things like never stay rooted in my mind. ~~ nvm! God must bless me tml k!

OH yeah..He told me to find safety in His presence..still dun understand what it means..hmmm..its like the warning keep coming..and the connection to david? Havta pray about it more I guess..I nid revelation~!!!
7:27 pm;

haha theres alot of zombies thingy going around..haha jen and hers! i also got lehx! cuz i watched resident evil 2 den alot of zombies eating ppl! haha nowadays i study till late late mahz..den when i wan to go out of my room..somehow i got the feeling that my brother or my family will become zombies and eat me up.. -freaky-

i think its the dawn of the dead relapse! Lolz...weird lar..i dunno whether to classify as spiritual attack or not..loLz but its been like 4 days! same feelings u noe.. hmmm maybe its not..anyway better pray! precaution! hahaha

tml exams le~ hahaha not really ready for it.. but haha..i'd just take it lar..if i retain den nvm lar! =)) But i think i'd pass. God bless moi~

did i mention God told me about serving? i guess i did! hahahaa.

today's word is abiding in His presence. So I dun havta feaR~
7:21 pm;

Sunday, October 03, 2004 »
I was just thinking of how I wanna grow.

The first thing that comes to my mind. Serving God more. Finding enjoyment and love while serving Him.

Today I experienced a love for choir like never before..I luv standing on the sacred stage which God placed beneath my feet. I luv praising and motivating the ppl..I luv bringing down the presence of God for the congregation! I simply luv doing what im doing! I think God placed me in choir for a reason. In choir, I began to love God more, I began to love worshipping Him more. Whereever I go, with or without my cell group, I'd just sing. The amazing part is that I can feel God's tingling presence upon me everytime I lift up my voice. Its simply so marvelous. U see, I really love Jesus alot. Hes my Best Friend, my Saviour, my Comfort, Hes the Prince of Peace, Hes my Refuge, my Strength..there so much about Him! He means everything to me.

Also, I want to serve more in the cell group! haha so I asked jolene if i can give bible study to the new members next time..haha she sae i havta finsih my second level first! yay! cant wait! I really wan to use the gift God placed in me. I wan to serve people. Cuz i noe, if i do that, I'm serving God too. =)

I know, I can sense and feel a breakthrough coming for my spiritual life. I can feel it coming!
11:05 pm;

Hey! IM not stress le! Thank God! hahaha Hes so faithful and good all the time! Hes great! wHeeee~

ya..feeling bad..long time didnt blog..well im studying for my history right now den later do maths till morning! ahahah determination! like alex always saes "REspect!"

today sermon so good! i feel so empowered! hahaa

did i sae the cell group finally multiplied?

did i sae the first cell group meeting very good?

did i sae the members are super good?

hahaha now i do!

its not only giving birth to another group..God also put in us alot of plans..alot of creativites and its so awesome! DReams and visions are starting to birth forth from the members! new ones too! i can see and feel that each one is trying their best to help! its like so awesome and super duper good lar!

Go go go!

I believe huiru's cell group also experiencing it now! God is great all the time!

God is a miracle God! yay! I luv You!!!

off to study
10:47 pm;

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