Wednesday, September 28, 2005 »
sit down, relax and enjoy these few games
a fishing game =)
if you want a pet but cant have it cause of:
1) parents dont allow
2) allergy
3) house not big enough
4) other reasons
then this is the game for you!
the classic puzzle bobble
ctrl to start, spacebar to shoot and arrows to move left or right
this is a puzzle game that i personally love it! you are supposed to put the events into the word grow in the correct order so that you can successfully kill the devil when all the events level became max. one hint: you slot in the houses then the trees. =)

haha i dont know if you guys will love these games but i kinda relax myself after i loaded my brains with my work. enjoy people!

anyway if you are wondering why im here, i've been sick for the past two days. stomachache and fever. sad. haha
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Thursday, September 22, 2005 »
it was a sleepy afternoon. the sun was out, the rain just stop, the cloud just cleared. There i was, lying on my small single sized bed, with my queen sized blanket, my double layered pillows and my big bolster. the birds were chirping but im still dreaming. the time was noon and my stomach was growling, yet, i paid no notice.

all i knew was, that i drooled on my pillows. yummy yummy.

and deep into my subconscious, that is, the other side of me that brings me to dreamland, i was diving into my man-made reality. all i had inside my brain was food. ice cream, scallops, lobsters, crayfish, codfish, a big fat cow grazing, a chicken flying (do chickens even fly?) and lots of food floating around.

the sight was a fantasy to behold. dont understand? meditate on "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". i bid you well in the search of the very revelation of that mysterious phrase.

quite suddenly, however, that beautiful mental picture was brought back into reality world in dreamland. i remembered i was running an errand for my mother and i decided to walk to whitesands. in my dream, i was brisk walking, feeling the cool air on my hair, the ground still damp from the afternoon rain, everything seemed so right, then.

was playing with my phone, snapping pictures everywhere with my measly 2.0 megapixel camera, listening to my mp3 on my sony ercisson k750i when suddenly, i banged into someone. being the nice, innocent person i was in real life, and still was in coma land, i immediately apologized to the stranger. bowing in 90 degrees fashion to the ground and sprouting all sorts of "sorrys" in various languages.

i peeped up at the stranger's face. and lo and behold. its xie shao guang. i wonder how did that guy get into my dream. mind you, i knew i was dreaming then and i assure you, i dont have any fetish towards him for that matter.

he looked furious and mad for some reason that i dont know about. conincidentally, someone called my phone and thinking that i can go, i answered the call and continued on my path to shopping-paradise-not. and to my astonishment, it was my uncle. except, it was chen shu cheng playing as my uncle.

i remembered my conscious self was playing the viewer's role in that dream and i sniggered at my subconscious self who even had the audacity to acknowledged that particular uncle. anyway, my "uncle" added some stuffs for me to buy and off i went, hopping and singing, like some scene out of a fairytale book.

except, it was some dark, sadistical fairy tale.

before you proceed any further, let me forewarn you that this dream involves heavy violence and superhero powers. it is therefore rated PG-0. im sure its safe. afterall, its censored by me, bearing no racism whatsoever. dont think this blog will ever be monitored anyway. period.

and so it went, i was skipping and dancing (or was it singing and hopping?), when the stranger xie shao guang look alike stopped me. feeling incredulous, i turned around and asked in mock anger "what?". typical max, i must say. im proud of my subconscious self sometimes, afterall, max is max.

he took out a knife and tried to plunge it into my heart. suddenly 3D effects started popping out and in matrix like fashion, i saw the knife in 10seconds per scene speed moving towards my heart. lightning flashed at the knife blade, some choir screamed "no.." in response and i opened my mouth so big that it was twice my normal 2.5 chipsmore cookies capacity.

horrified, my conscious self willed my dream into stop mode but it didnt work. but thank goodness, my gugu a.k.a auntie came into the rescue. shes non other than ivy lee! shocked, xie shao guang transformed into an evil character with black flowing robes which is typical of all bad guys in cartoons with a tall hat and curly moustache. my celebrity aunt was wearing a red top with a denim skirt in my date with a vampire ma xiao ling like manner.

needless to say, aunt shouted at me to run for my puny life and being the obedient boy that i was, i scrambled to my safety yelling for my life's sake while doing so.

they flew to the sky, swords out. exchanged swords in mid air, telling each other how lousy their swords are and returned each others' swords and the fencing commenced. well, its really pretty boring so i shall skip the details.


i ran and i ran and i saw michelle again. this time she was also selling some stuffs. those sofa cushions with the chinese word "Fu" or blessed printed in gold on them. but in my dream, michelle stopped me and whined and whined that i should buy a pillow. she even went to the extent of dropping to her knees and begging me to buy cause she is so poor and her family are in china and how she got illegally smuggled here by pirates. so feeling irritated, i bought a red one from her and continued running for my dear life.

thats about al the people i knew who popped up in my dream.

on with the story, i found a hdb block and i ran up there. then my conscious self saw my auntie losing focus cause she was thinking about me and my uncle (whos not married to her mind you) chen shu cheng. i can practically see pictures of her thoughts coming out of her mind.

then the baddie, noticed the lack of focus and said something like "you worried of your nephew right, i shall go find him and kill him" and ended with a hysterical laughter. like "MuaHaHeheheheHAoooHOohoho" it was crazy. really.

and then, i was hiding in this small corner of the block beside the stairs and peeping out to see the fighting outside. i was having a nervous breakdown too. then there was a loud cracking sound and the two celebrities flew straight up the hdb trying frantically to search for me. im like a prize you know. i tried to hide myself with the cushion and they missed me.

then my aunt said im very smart and cute and i wont be found easily. the bad man sniggered in return and with a flick of his finger, sent a mosquito homer after me.

it found me and bit me.

and i yelped in pain.

bad man flew down again and grabbed me at the arm and threw me down the block. heh, but i wasnt afraid at that time. cause i thought i was flying, which was kind of cool. anyway i hit the ground and didnt die. instead, i stood up and shrugged the dust off my clothes and did a funny face at him.

then, on the ground next to me, i saw my uncle lying flat on his face. so i sent him to the hospital. dont ask me why bad man never chase after me cause i got no idea.

and i was ushered into a room with alot of medical equipments and the scene froze at the doctor who turned and looked at me after he examined my uncle.

then everything stopped. the credits rolled. a song played in the background. and i woke up.

ta da! my second crazy dream. not as funny as the first one. but crazy nevertheless.

i think i watched too much X-files. sigh. i wonder whats going on in my brain.
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Saturday, September 17, 2005 »
i think the television is a serious health hazard.

10 reasons why i hate the tv

1) Causes the individual not being able to think for himself/herself
Case 1 : the shitload of commercials thats flooding the airwaves. each one beating the other to be the shortest and yet the most influentiest. ever noticed the amount of teeth-related commercials suddenly popping up? - suddenly, i think i got decaying teeth.
Case 2 : no brainer sitcoms and variety shows that seemed to keep a person hooked for the next hour or so. - so lame but so funny! now wheres those notes im supposed to be studying?

2) High risk of becoming a couch potato

Case 1 : Me, My Sofa, My junk food and my Television. - heaven?

3) Results in rash behaviour
Case 1 : "Oh my goodness! Im soooooo going to miss that show! Guess i gotta buy the vcds" - speaking of convenience. i should switch to selling vcds, seems to be making tons of money.

4) Promotes unhealthy, unrealistic daydreams
Case 1 : "He cant sing one lar! i think i can sing better! -croaks-" - why do they audition?
Case 2 : Need I say more? realistic shows are for the nation to mock at you. where do you disappear to after that?

5) Cultivates "birds of the feather flocking together"
Case 1 : Friend 1- "Did you watch that show last night?"
Friend 2 - "Yeah! so bimbotic"
Friend 3 - "-giggles- how i wish.."
Friend 2 - "that he/she will like me right.."
Friend 1 - "Such captivating"
Friend 3 - "He/she loves me.."
sometimes, i really wonder whos the real b/himbos? reality check please. unhealthy social gathering pollutes the minds.

Results in serious self pity
Case 1 : "I never study how how!? I think im so dead!" - you wont die so soon, but it speeds up the process.
Case 2 : "I can never be that person on that like 1/1000000 of the overall package" - miracles do happen, sometimes.

Emotional hurt
Case 2 : "My life used to be like that..sob..sniff..brawls!"

8) Deprivation of sleep
Dont think i need to explain this.

9) Kills braincells just by watching.
According to Jen, our brain do actually functions when watching the tv.

10) I got addicted to it!

I think thats why..
1) My memory is failing when im only 18.
2) I cant seem to think for myself.
3) I couldnt speak sense most of the time.
4) My eyes bags and eye rings are becoming one of the attraction of mockeries.

Thus..enough said.. I'm going to watch the mexican.
10:12 pm;

Thursday, September 15, 2005 »
i just had the weirdest dream in a span of 20mins.

i dreamt that i was at this cafe eating and studying with jen, mel, angie and mic. theres another person whom i forgot i think its a guy. nevertheless, he doesnt play an important role anyway. then right, theres this tall, black shadow like figure coming into the cafe. then he/she sat down next to us.

for a moment, we continued studying. angie's nose started twitching and she said, "i think something smells wrong here." as if on cue, jen started giggling like mad, for what reason i dont know. then mel suddenly turned to this blackey and started pointing and shouting "You you you you you! why are you here?"

then everyone turned and look at that funny figure. now that i think back, i thought i saw mel having two super big bucktooth and angie's face was super red. out of a sudden, this black person jumped into the air and twirled around, sort of like a scene out of those action pack movie. then a cloak came out of nowhere and covered mel angie and jen.

i think jen tried to eat a way out of the cloak. it was a super funny scene. too bad i forgot.

then the person just jumped out of the window with the three of them trapped inside!

mic started shouting for her twin and pretty lady, i think she neglected jen. she turned and look at me then her eyes suddenly blazed red and her hair became those pompom type one. she jumped up into the air and flew around. by the time she landed, the guy that was also with us suddenly transformed into a "the rock" character and started punching the ground.

then they asked "we should calm down and think about this." i think i was super tempermental in the dream and was like "what? you still got time to think about all these? lets go find them!" i was prepared to leave but they just held on to me. "no wait!" i think mic said that.

but i didnt listen and i started to slipped out of their grasp and guess what, my superpower is to pass through walls. what a lousy power man. anyway, i started running away from them and they started chasing after me. their expressions were so scary, looking as if they are ready to kill me. i wonder whos the evil person in this dream.

so i started running and hiding and going through things for like eternity when mic caught me.

then she took out her weapon, which turned out to be a gun with esther's face on it and she went, "Bam!"

then esther ate me up. she crawled out of the gun thingy and walked right up to me. her mouth started expanding and swallowed me up whole

the end.

this was my dream 2 1/2 hours before my history paper 1.

i seriously think its a symptom of stress. or my premonition that mic is going to sacrifice me to her sister one day/.

6:45 pm;

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 »

ever wondered how many locks are there in this world?

i dont usually go lamenting on why stuffs happen in this world, or why i'm not born this way or basically, why i am i me.

my inconsistent ramblings demand that i take a look at the things thats happening in this world and just the plain old life that we are living.

so, i took a pic of the lockers in my school.

either my sense of reality is caving in or im just plain weird. personally, i dont think i suscribe to either.

dont the locked up lockers remind you of areas in our lives that we dont allow people to access into? theres big locks over things we dont want to remember. small locks over little issues of our big and tainted life. and rusty locks which stayed there for as long as we remember.

ever felt like venturing out and opening up..just a little bit?

i feel, its always good to be different. even if the things we let out is loathsome to others.

im an attention seeker. i seek attention, simply said.

i suppose if you take a dig at whats inside my brain, you'd only find nonsense and an avalanche of thoughts. i dont ususally talk about the things that i think. im a man of few words, not because i dont want to talk, but because i dont know how to relate and convey what i think to people.

which, if happens, people seemed to think that im only thinking of superficial stuffs, things that are only scratching the surface of all major human agendas.

of this, i take my stand against.

against the constant rolling of eyes, mock humor, switching off of the brain and complete change of topic.

if you think thats you, dont worry, i dont dwell in the past nor remember particular events.

i guess, if i ever expressed myself orally to someone, my feelings, my emotions will come out in a rush. provided that the person can tune in to what i say.

but try having people to relate to what you say and think. tough job. so i choose to be a person who listens and thinks in the process. save time and gets my brain working.

i prefer blogging down my thoughts instead. concise and precise format of what im actually thinking right now. it may not be clear but it fully expresses my train of thoughts.

picture this:

Me: "why do you think people laugh?"
Fren: "u very funny leh! people laugh cause they happy or what lah. got anything else meh?"

this usually stops me on further conveying what my opinions are because the reaction simply shuts out what i think. of course, this is purely fictional. no conversation of this sort had ever taken place. not now at least.

i guess thats why my personality test results classify me as a person who is insensitive to noise. i only listen to the important stuffs, rather than a clamp of nonsensical issues. my brain goes through the sifting process. which means, i actually do think before i speak, because my heart dwells on more fleshy issues and i do need to find my momentum.

nothing exceptional in particular. i think thats just me.
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Friday, September 09, 2005 »
we have the deary raine looking nerd and cute..

after 1 shot..2 shots..3shots..shes still not satisfied of her looks..i smell low confidence!? hmm =D raine u look pretty always lar! ahha dun nid act nerd, cuz u already are one ..!

the glorious appearing of the fake "pink london cab"..i got cheated..darN!

we saw... jeanette aw filming today..first awestruck..and..starstruck?

this is the little boy whom jen got herself infatuated with..cute right?
12:36 am;

oh..heres the box.. ROYCE u noe!! the chocs just melted in my mouth lar..thats HOwwww good it is..i still miss tea one okie! one small teeny weeny box $20+ can u believe it!! haha

im looking dead..lost weight? haha and my unkempy hair! crap..outbreak upon sad..
12:33 am;

first day of our mugging in the airporT! haha jen cannot take it le.. lOL

Superbly delicious chocs which emily bought for us!
12:29 am;

Monday, September 05, 2005 »

the battle between the nose and the fingers!
wondering who the fingers belong to?
1:17 am;

the first pic - my bible study student Heriyono from indo! and smiley grass!
coming up second - my just graduated student Teik Kheng! grow up liao
eating relentlessly - guitar pro samuel! and roommate heri again!
lastly.. - my ever hungry bible study student pammie!
1:11 am;

My beloved cell group leader - jolene!! pretty hor?
the first pic is my nerdy uni member - ah ling
presenting to u in the second pic are - elegant emily and brudder lex!
acting cool and stripey - the ever fashionable briony!
being all green - the jovial juanny!
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Saturday, September 03, 2005 »

im going crazy.. study..
11:10 pm;

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