Tuesday, January 10, 2006 ยป
I realised its yet another month since i've last blogged.

Ages it may seem to people. but yet, time passes so fast. I'd barely breathe before the world took me by surprise, yet again, with a swirl of movement, my feet, my hands, my eyes, my ears, all brought me to a new place, a new surrounding.

i guess the part of me going to the army never really got to me. until today at least. to me, i carried on life as usual, found a job, and basically, that took the place of me going to school. ironically it may sound, i STILL go to school, except, i've been endowed with a new identity, an identity whom i loathe in my school years. A new maturity i must assume, everything seemed so surreal to me. truth be said, i've not gotten used to it at all.

i still miss tjc. i still miss my friends, the mushroom theatres, the boring lectures, the kodak moments. nostalgia at its high, i sometimes wonder whether should God give us the ability to turn back time. just once will do. but i know, deep down that i know, i should move on, bolding embracing the new step i take towards my future, the new me, the new people around me.

learning from scratch is always hard. difficulties you must endure, embarrassment you must face, learning to adapt, adapting to changes, changing to suit, all these happen everytime you move on. and yet, its just another stepping stone.

i realised, 3 months more is a short while. time seems to fly past so fast, it seemed as if i've not prepared for anything yet, let alone army. reality seems to hit so fast. it was like yesterday when i candidly laughed back at my father when he told me 2 years more and im going to the army. now, its 3 months. i guess, its about time i pack up this chapter of my life and get ready for a new beginning, a new chapter. trembling? i always am. but dont heroes always tremble at the whiff of a new adventure.

i shall boldly declare: its a new adventure, Holy Spirit!

i was just doing part of my springcleaning, when again, nostalgia hits me. i realises that as i look at the papers, the books, the magazines, the files, the cards, im looking at pieces of me. everyday of my life, can be found in them. how i've changed, how i've grew, how i've matured.

im a pretty nostalgic person. i keep my firsts.

thats why, i kept my First Love. =)

its a weird entry, but im following my mind route. so, its ending weirdly now.
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